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Image Views

An image view displays a single image or an animated sequence of images over a transparent or opaque background. The image view is an instance of the UIImageView class. It displays ab object of type UIImage.

You can configure image views programmatically or in your storyboard file and change the images they display at runtime.

Configuring image view from storyboard


To add the image, do the following:

  1. Open the asset catalog file, Assets.xcassets, if its not there, you can create one
  2. Create a New Image Set Create Image Set
  3. Add the different resolutions of the image
  4. On the storyboard, select the image view, select the image from the drop down list on the Properties window -> Image View -> Image.

Select image

Loading the image in code

To load the image in code from the asset catalog, we can use the following code:

logoImageView.Image = UIImage.FromBundle("logo");

Creating images

We can create images from resource, bundle, data or from another image. We can also create animated images using multiple image file names.